April 25, 2015

Welcome to Old Fashioned Modern Living, a little blog by two little ladies.

Within the past 5 years we have both gotten married and bought charming homes that need a little bit of love and care, situated on slightly larger properties than are normal for our location.

We write, cook, bake, clean, read and craft, among other things. We love our technology and appreciate the conveniences of modern life, but at the same time we love the self sufficiency and hands-on approach to life of years past. In this blog, we will attempt to capture both. We will talk about the mundane and the unusual, the modern and the not so modern.

Sometimes something seen here will appear random. Such is life. Sometimes we’ll share something and our photos will be less than perfect. Such is reality. We’re not about appearances.

So welcome; welcome to our style of Old Fashioned Modern Living.

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