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December 31, 2015

Hello friends! I hope everyone has been enjoying the holidays! They’re not over until after New Year’s Day as far as I’m concerned – so my trees and decorations will be staying up until then. Ilana and I have taking a bit of a break from blogging the past week and a half or so to spend time with family and relax. I also have had the privilege of having my two younger sisters stay with me this week! So we have been watching a lot of fun TV, eating muffins and weird flavored chips,  and catching up for lost time. It has been pretty awesome.

Our New Year’s Eve plans will include dinner reservations at one of our favorite Italian restaurants with friends, and eating appetizers and watching movies at home. My parents are coming to pick up the girls and spend New Year’s Eve with us, which is going to be  fun, especially since we have not spent a New Year’s Eve together in about four years! I’m excited to ring in the New Year with them and hopefully browse for used records on Jay Street to play on the record player they got for Christmas.

I know New Year’s resolutions are so cheesy, but I have been making them every year, although I don’t usually write them down on paper the way I once used to. My journals were full of long lists of mostly unattainable goals when I was in high school and college. I remember listing stuff like ‘Get better grades in math’ and ‘Achieve self-actualization’.   Math eventually improved, and I am still working on the whole self-actualization thing. I don’t think you need to wait for a specific day to make important changes in your life, but a brand new year is a good reminder. When I reflect upon the differences between this year and last, I am in awe of all of the changes. This time last year, I was working at a job where I loved my co-workers and kids that I worked with, but with long hours that greatly lessened my enjoyment of the work.  I did not have as much time to see family or keep my house in order, and I was constantly exhausted. I don’t think it was the best for my relationships with people that I love, or myself. My sweet husband encouraged me to take the summer off to get some rest and figure out my next move. I got to see family, organize every corner of my house (it’s already messy again!), and read lots of good books. I painted, cooked, and was just happier. My husband completed his master’s degree and is now pursuing his Professional Engineering license. Our second pup, Piper, was his graduation gift to himself – and we love her to bits!  Ilana and I started this blog to get me in the habit of writing more, and to share fun crafts, recipes, and home life experiences. Its been so cool to work with my kind, talented sister-in-law on this project! If you haven’t already, be sure to check out Ilana’s latest project:  Seashore Design Studio. Her “mama metal” necklaces are beautiful!

In September, my husband and I found out that we are expecting. God willing, we’ll be bringing home our little one in May. I began working again in October for a few hours a week. It’s been good to make a little money and get out of the house, but still have a flexible schedule that accommodates lots of time with family, and lots of rest. I’m finally almost over the terrible pregnancy nausea! As long as I don’t smell my dogs, laundry detergent, cough too hard or bend down – I am all good! Even though  pregnancy is a very anxious time, I’m almost at the half way mark, and I can honestly say, this is the happiest I have been in a long time. I am so thankful for all of the good changes that have come about in the past year. That is not to say that there has been no struggle. There definitely have been moments of struggle and sadness. Fortunately, I believe the tough times we have experienced have, and are, bringing my family closer together.

With all of this in mind, I am trying to meet the New Year with a spirit of thankfulness and hope for the future. My goals are gentle, and not extreme. I want to bring my baby into the world safely, and to be patient with myself and my husband as we learn to be parents. I want to cook healthy foods at home more – something that was tough last year when I was working long hours, and this past fall, when I suffering from bad nausea. That’s it. No big extreme list this year. Just a few, hopefully attainable goals.

Do you come up with New Year’s resolutions, or have any fun New Year’s Eve rituals? When I toast with sparkling apple cider at midnight and count my blessings, our readers will be among what I am thankful for.

Happy New Year!


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