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Easy and Delicious Weekday Breakfast: Avocado Toast

January 13, 2016

Anyone else bored with their weekday breakfast routine? I was loving my granola and yogurt until I wasn’t, and I overdid it on the cereal during the early days of my pregnancy.  I need change! When my sisters were here, we were on a muffin making kick, which was pretty awesome, but my husband usually needs a little more protein for breakfast to get through the morning.  Then I remembered something I have not made in about a year- avocado toast!

Here is my favorite way to make it:

Avocado Toast For Two

Toast two slices of whole wheat bread.

Mash up one ripe avocado and add a splash of lime juice, and a little salt and pepper.

Spread over your toast and enjoy OR-

Get creative with more toppings!

Add a fried or medium well done poached egg,

add some chopped up bacon,

add a thinly sliced tomato or other sliced veggies of your choice,

or maybe add some leftover beans that you had in the fridge.

When I made some toast  for my husband and I this morning, I topped ours with some leftover bacon and a poached egg each. I highly recommend that you give this breakfast a try if you are an avocado lover!


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