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April 22, 2016

Hello friends, Kristen here. Ilana and I have had a super busy few weeks, and we both caught the germs that have been going around recently:( We hope to be more active on the blog soon with some crafting and cooking goodness!

What I’ve been up to…I’ve been doing some spring cleaning and baby prep! I think that our last amazon order has been placed…until I remember something else that seems essential. We finally ordered our diaper sprayer, monitor, and white noise machine. I plan on making our reusable flannel baby wipes soon. I’ll share that project if I am successful, or maybe I’ll share it either way and we can laugh about it!  So far, we have four meals frozen: chili, lasagna, sausage and peppers (vacuum sealed), and a meatloaf! I am hoping to freeze enough to get us through one week of dinners. Perhaps we’ll make enchiladas or veggie frozen pizzas next. I know some folks freeze a month’s worth before baby, but I do not seem to have the energy for that right now. Work is winding down as I have recently reduced my hours. The plan is to work until the baby comes, or until I feel done- whichever comes first.

I’ve taken a little break from reading about labor and baby stuff and have been delving into a few fun reads. I recently read Remembrance by Meg Cabot- one of my favorite authors in high school. Next up, The Girl on the Train, which I have heard good things about! My husband and I have been going on a ton of dates. I think it is sinking in that we are going to have a new little person to take care of soon, so we have been spending extra quality time together. We just tried Pho Queen, a new Thai place on State Street in Schenectady and loved it. The food was so good, but I think they are underestimating how busy they are and need to hire more staff!  We saw people turned away because all of the tables were full.

What I’m looking forward to… The arrival of our son in about a month! We are also loving the weather and trying to get our yard ready for cookouts and lawn games. I’m planning on doing an inexpensive patio makeover under our carport. I am on the look out for bargain outdoor string lights, pillows, and a carpet. If we are going to be stuck at home for a lot of the summer, I really want our outdoor spaces to be comfortable and functional. We are also extra excited for the Schenectady Green Market to move back outside in May.

Thant’s all for now! I hope everyone is doing well and avoiding spring colds and stomach bugs.

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