Life as we know it

April 15, 2020

Well well well, it takes a global pandemic to bring me back to blogging, does it?

Honestly, I feel busier than ever despite having “nothing to do”. Subtract the social calendar, access to my home office during business hours, and any significant demand for jewelry (which is what I usually make). Add significant demand for fabric masks (which I’m not making and giving away as fast as I can manage), long term meal planning, and the constant mess that comes with 4 people confined to the house.

The dishes are never ending. The laundry piles up even though I’m pretty sure we’re mostly in sweats and pajamas.

Life as we know it has changed. A lot. But we’re doing our best to stay prepared and get by.

And all in all, we’re okay – and I think we’re doing the right thing. This certainly isn’t how we imagined we’d be spending the spring of 2020, but we’re doing what need to be done. My husband is working, I have ways to help people, my kids are happy and healthy, and we have a nice yard to relax and garden in.

But the time feels so weird!

Is it just me? The days fly by, yet each day feels like about 30. I forget what I did which day, because by evening morning feels like weeks earlier. I have this weird liminal feeling, like we’re just stuck in between.

But I certainly am keeping busy, with things like…


Sewing masks!

I wasn’t kidding when I said I was doing as much as I could. I’m at nearly 300 made and a bit until 50 cut for a friend to sew. After my initial rush to Just Get Them Done, I’ve been able to finesse the designs and really get a good groove going. This is good. Being productive makes me feel better. My own mask PSAs can be found here and here.



Making pizza!

The kids love making pizza, and since we all have different preferences, we often do multiple pies to accommodate toppings, no toppings, extra cheese, vegan cheese. This is my favorite dough recipe (from Mel’s Kitchen), it’s so easy and so quick.

Making soup!

I love making soup, and I’ve been trying hard to keep the fridge stocked with produce (largely thanks to Misfits Market), so it’s easy to make veggie soup with a handful of this and a handful of that.

Have you ever made your own veggie stock? I’ve taken to simmering some water with my (washed) peels and ends from carrots, celery, potato, onion, etc while I finish prepping the veggies and give them a saute and seasoning. Then when I’m ready to add water, it’s fortified with this extra flavorful and nutrient loaded broth which I’ve simply strained and added to the soup pot.


We decided right before everything went into effect that it was the year for a proper garden. My husband and brother spent an afternoon grabbing supplies and building raised beds, which we’ve been working on situating and filling since. We ordered a bit over a yard of dirt and about the same of rocks and…well we moved most of it! Some is still in the driveway on tarps. You most definitely need a wheelbarrow for this, moving all that is no joke. It’s been a lot of work, but I’m really pleased with how things are coming along.

If you have seeds laying around and some potential garden space, why not try to get them germinating?


In my spare time, which is actually quite sparse, I’ve done some doodling for coloring pages and various artwork. My free downloads are available here.

I hope you’re doing well. I know this is hard. But you’re doing great, I promise.


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