We became friends soon after we met in 2007, and in 2011 we officially became¬†sisters-in-law. Ilana has been an artist since she returned home from¬†kindergarten with paint spattered overalls and has been creating ever since. I have enjoyed dabbling in arts and crafts over the years, but my own creative outlet has been more along the lines of writing poems and journaling. Ilana and I both try to incorporate “from scratch” and “homemade” into our daily lives, whether it be canning our own tomato sauce, altering a recipe to be compatible with varied dietary restrictions, or creating an original piece of art to decorate our living rooms. In the midst of our responsibilities, creating is a way to slow down and savor the small moments in our lives, and to recognize the beauty that comes with each season. We hope to use this space to share some of what we create, and hopefully a little inspiration to find creativity amongst the mundane. Happy Reading! – Kristen

We love our smartphones and computers. We love Netflix. But we also love cooking, baking, fruit picking, shopping at farmer’s markets and crafting.

We write about our projects, our lives and our thoughts.

We are…


Crafter, cook, baker, reader, mommy. Living in the suburbs of New York City on a slightly larger than average property and pretending she’s in the country.


Kristen is an avid reader, coffee addict, and puppy mother. She enjoys writing, chocolate croissants, and googling symptoms. She cooks daily, and gets crafty occasionally. She spends her free time exploring New York’s Capital region with her smarty pants husband. Or, they just watch Netflix. A lot of Netflix.

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